Stonehenge Details

By taking thebus4u which departs from outside Madame Tussauds at 09.30 each day and Visiting Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain Wiltshire you will be seeing one of the most famous Monuments in the World.

As you can imagine it took hundreds of years to arrange and build those giant stones and it’s widely believed that work began around 3000BC and the builders continued to make changes right up to the Bronze Age.

It must have been a difficult task to shape the stones into what they are today and researchers believe that they did so by using wooden wedges and hammer them into small cracks. As the wooden wedges got wet they would expand and cause the stone to split. They were then able to shape the stones using hammers and chisels made from stone before transporting them to their destination.

Again nobody knows for sure how they managed to get those heavy stones to the site at Stonehenge. One theory is that they placed them on wooden rollers made from trees and with an army of people managed to roll them to the River Avon where they were placed on a raft and floated all the way near to the site at Stonehenge.

Having achieved all that they now had the mammoth task of getting the stones to stand upright and it’s generally accepted that they did this using wooden leavers and pulled them into position with ropes.

Stonehenge could have been built for the purpose of healing the sick, studying the sun or for funeral ceremonies. Nobody is quite sure why this monument was built but it’s generally agreed that it was used for religious ceremonies and large crowds of people attended. Now all those years later and still Stonehenge is attracting massive crowds of people today.